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When you have to write something, do you usually dread it? Do you struggle to find the right words when the subject is a bit touchy? Or do you wonder how to structure it properly to make the message crystal clear to your recipient? If you had the option to give someone else the low-down and let them take care of it for you, would you jump at the opportunity? Well, I am here to fulfil that role. Whether your writing needs are infrequent or regular, professional or personal, I can help. Writing isn't for everyone, so there is no shame in delegating such a task when careful wording is crucial. If you would like a free sample before committing to anything, please let me know. There is also potential for setting up a regular service if this is something you require on an ongoing basis.

An outline of rates can be found below, but you can look at a more detailed list here.

Up to 1,000 words: 
Flat fee of $20 for the first 100 words
+$6/100 words thereafter

Between 1,000 and 20,000 words: 
Flat fee of $74 for the first 1,000 words
+$8/1,000 words thereafter   

You will need to provide me with the following information before I commence writing:
– Intended length of the written work

– All relevant information and/or research
– An outline indicating structure, order, tone, etc.

You will have a chance to read over the work once it is complete and make known any concerns, or request changes to be made.