Quick Edits

Websites, blogs, articles, short stories, comics, contracts, emails, social media, memos, résumés/CVs & more

This service is for word counts that are less than 20,000. The rate will depend on your word count. See below for a brief outline, and be sure to click here for a comprehensive list.

Up to 1,000 words: 
Flat fee of $15 for the first 100 words 

+$3/100 words thereafter 

Between 1,000 and 20,000 words:
Flat fee of $42 for the first 1,000 words
+$4/1,000 words thereafter

* If you would like a final proofread after the initial edit, I will charge half the fee to go over it a second time. Eg: If your short story is 10,000 words and you want me to do one last read-through, I will charge an extra $39 on top of the $78, and your overall total will be $117.

This quick and valuable step will add a more appealing and professional touch to your project, whether for work or play. Every little detail can improve the reader’s experience. Written pieces for business, or comic book content for fun – I can help to make them more effective and enjoyable without any accidental mistakes distracting readers from your message. Allow me to make your work as presentable as possible for those who are going to read it.



I have aimed for a low flat rate here as I know students need all the support they can get without having to worry about hefty fees. I believe education is so important. Please keep in mind that proofreading assignments does not involve changing the content in any way whatsoever. The focus is on spelling, punctuation, and grammar, as your work must remain your own. I can also provide you with some feedback on the assignment overall, if you wish (whether I understood it well, enjoyed reading it, etc.), as I know an outsider's perspective can be so valuable.