Proofreading is the final stage your work needs - a final check. It is just as important as any other stage of editing. By this point, manuscripts are fairly clean, but it is amazing how many little errors I have still found when doing a final read-through. This is normal, and this is why proofreaders are important.

I will provide corrections and comments if needed, but there should be fewer changes overall. I will be polishing the manuscript, aiming to leave your work in its best possible condition. I will look for typos, leftover consistency errors, missing or extraneous punctuation, and other mistakes that can slip through. There is less focus on improving, and more focus on cleaning up leftover technical errors so that the end result is ready for publishing. However, sometimes the kinds of edits made during copy-edits can be made during proofreads if they are needed. I'd rather speak up and let you know of a potential problem than let it slide just because "it's not that kind of edit".

Whilst this stage of editing is less in-depth, it still requires a great deal of focus to ensure the best outcome. Please allow plenty of time, and be sure you are done with all other editing stages before requesting this final proofread.

If I find that your manuscript needs more work than a basic proofread, then I will inform you as soon as I am aware of it. If you then wish to continue with a more thorough edit, the rate will change to my copy-edit rates.

Proofreading rates:

$3/1000 words (20,001-80,000 words)
$3.50/1000 words (over 80,000 words)

If you require any additional content or new chapter(s) to be worked on after the edit is complete, this will be charged at “lower word count” rates which you will find here or on my Quick Edits page.