Copy-editing involves a careful, in-depth look at your work, with a focus on identifying technical errors and improving syntax. This includes word usage, fact-checking, sentence structure, grammar, spelling, punctuation, repetition, style inconsistencies, and so on.

As a part of this process, I will often find ideal synonyms to change up words that have been used repetitively. I will make a note of common terms, names, objects, places, etc. that you refer to repeatedly to ensure they are spelled and used consistently.
I will find a way to nicely break up a lengthy sentence, and suggest alternatives to awkward phrasing or structure.
I will look out for grammar and punctuation errors, and I will explain corrections so you can gain a clear understanding.
I will also offer solutions and suggestions so you have something to work with.

These are but a few of the many ways in which I will help your story be told. Rest assured I will avoid interfering with your author voice and style. My goal is to find the way to make your writing be its best, and help your story shine without making changes to the story itself.

Generally speaking, I will identify any potential problems I pick up on, including content problems. Though I do not specialise in developmental editing, I will certainly point out a problem with the story if I notice it. This may include continuity errors or plot holes. But this is not my focus, and so it is important that you have your work looked at by a developmental editor before coming to me for a copy-edit.

Copy-editing rates

$4/1000 words (20,001-80,000 words)
$4.50/1000 words (over 80,000 words)

If you require any additional content or new chapter(s) to be worked on after the edit is complete, they will be charged at “lower word count” rates, which you will find here or on my Quick Edits page.

Please keep in mind copy-edits are extremely involved, requiring time and focus to get the best job done. Therefore, you should allow plenty of time for me to complete the edit, and for yourself to go through the edits afterwards.