Services & Rates

To determine where you should go next, please read on.

If you are an author looking for information on editing services for your book, you should head to Book Edits. From there, you have two options: Copy-editing or Proofreading. These are the two book editing services I offer. Unfortunately, I have yet to delve into developmental editing, but I am more than happy to give your details to other editors who may be able to help in that regard. Please keep in mind you should have a developmental edit and/or beta reads done before coming to me for a copy-edit, and you should have a copy-edit done before coming to me for a final proofread.

Quick Edits is the place to go for smaller editing jobs. This may include anything from business needs, to short stories, to essays, and much more. This is a valuable step to take for your project, whether work or play.

If you need small writing jobs done and you don’t enjoy doing it yourself, please head to my Writing page for more information. Though editing is my primary strength, I do have a way with words and, as such, I am offering this service as an extra for those who just don’t have the time or desire to do it themselves.

For book edit rates – copy-editing or proofreading – please visit the relevant webpages. For quick edits, writing, and smaller word counts, you can find a complete list of rates here.