Before We Begin

Here I have touched on some important points you may like to know before making contact.
I believe my potential clients should have as much information as possible in order to make the decision that works best for them. I encourage you to read through the following to become familiar with the editing process and other helpful details.

If there is anything still unclear to you by the end, please feel free to contact me.




How I edit

I have been trained to edit on paper, as well as through Track Changes on Microsoft Word. Track Changes is now my chosen method, as electronic editing is extremely efficient and effective. With Track Changes enabled, any changes I make will be shown in a different colour throughout the document, and I can add comments where I want to elaborate on something. This allows for neat commentary and exchanges throughout the document between editor and author. It also means I can edit for anyone, in any part of the world (I have experience with both UK and American English). So, if your work is on a computer in Word format and can be emailed to me, you’re already halfway there.

What to do with your edited document

When you receive the edited document, you will need to use Track Changes (under the Review tab on MS Word) to navigate through the edits and comments I’ve made, and approve or reject my changes. There is an option to approve all the changes, but you should probably only do this if you’ve at least had a look over the changes first to be sure you know what is changing. Before doing this, I believe it is best to at least go through my comments. My comments will usually exist to point out a problem that requires your input, or a significant change that requires your approval. So, going from comment to comment is an efficient way to check everything before approving all, as all other edits without comments would normally involve basic punctuation, spelling, grammar, etc. Regardless, going from edit to edit is the safest bet. This may sound like a lengthy process, but it ensures you understand what sort of errors I have found, and it gives you the chance to make the final call and learn more along the way. You can disagree with my changes, but do keep in mind that I make edits and suggestions for a reason, and I will usually explain them because I believe they are best to be applied. I will often suggest alternatives or offer some guidance for improving on the error so you are not left high and dry. If you do feel troubled by any edits I’ve made, you can always follow up with me and have a chat.

Turn-around time

I strongly believe in quality over quantity, and my primary goal is giving you the best results. There are endless newspapers and magazines scattered with errors because writers and editors have been unable to truly take care of the work. That being said, I am no less time-efficient or focused. I will always strive to fulfil your expectations in regards to time. If you give me your timeframe and some details about the job, I can provide an estimate on the turn-around time for you. This can vary depending on length and, at times, complexity. As some of these factors will only become known during the editing process, I may sometimes update the estimated return time when I get a clearer idea. Communication is also key here, so be sure to let me know upfront when you will need it completed by (keeping in mind you still need to go through and approve the changes when I return it). It is wise to allow plenty of time for all stages of editing so that nothing is rushed.

Resources and references

As I edit, I have several resources on hand to refer to when the need arises. At times there will be something of doubt, or a tricky grammar rule, so I keep my references close to apply accurate corrections. These resources include the Style Manual: for authors, editors and printers (6th edition), The Chicago Manual of Style, Grammar Girl (, and various dictionaries. As a writer, you may also find a great use for these resources, and it may benefit you to know where I draw some of my decisions from. I am also a part of several writing and editing groups on social media where valuable information is always exchanged, and many fellow wordsmiths are eager to help. This means that even in the trickiest grammatical situations, I have an abundance of potential answers at my fingertips.

Sample edits

I encourage you to ask me for a sample edit upon making contact so you can be sure we are the right fit for each other. I will offer this if you make contact regardless, but as a writer it is something you may want to consider before locking in an editor. Simply send me a couple of pages of your manuscript, and I will do a free sample edit. If you decide to go elsewhere, that is fine – simply let me know. If you decide to continue using my services, I will then apply rates and continue working on the manuscript.

My experience and special interests

My opportunities so far have led me to work with science-fiction, contemporary romance, memoirs/autobiographies, essays, websites, blogs, contracts, policies, emails, product descriptions, and résumés. Beyond this, I have a wide range of interest and can apply my skills to other genres and types of documents, including other types of fiction and non-fiction. In regards to fiction, I particularly enjoy fantasy and adventure. In regards to non-fiction, I’m a fan of all kinds of science and philosophy. I also have a special interest in helping small businesses (I’ve assisted with websites, blogs, social media, emails, contracts, etc.) and individuals in their personal and professional endeavours. However, personal interests aside, I simply enjoy polishing written words. I’ve applied my skills to a variety of subject areas so far, and I like to adapt and enjoy each project for what it is. I enjoy finding the value in all things. So, please don’t hesitate to contact me regarding any kind of work you wish to be looked at, regardless of subject area, and we can discuss whether I am suitable for you.

A word about rates

Editing is an essential part of the writing process, but, like many valuable services, it comes at a price. This is why I’ve made a conscious effort to choose more affordable rates so you can achieve your goals without feeling defeated by the fee. I know this is helpful specifically for authors, as editing is one of many tasks on their to-do list before publishing, which is one of the reasons my copy-editing rates are lower overall. The quality of my work remains high, though, for I am an incredibly dedicated person at heart and am constantly expanding on my knowledge and skills. My goal is to leave you with the satisfaction of a job well done without financial pressure to taint your accomplishments. I am constantly learning and researching rates to remain aware of a balance that is fair to my clients and also reflects my skills and hard work. My fees are subject to change at any time, and I will notify of any changes via my Facebook page. If you are a regular or current client, I will also make a conscious effort to advise you of this directly.

Payment information

I invoice using PayPal, and you can easily pay through PayPal if you wish to. However, that will incur a surcharge as PayPal charges me a fee for every payment made via their website. The surcharge I am applying is 2.5% of the quoted amount. Simply inform me if you intend to pay using PayPal, and I will adjust the quote accordingly. If you would like to pay via direct bank transfer, that is also an option. Please just let me know if this is the case, and I will provide the relevant details.

If you use my services regularly (for example, several essays a year, or regular blog posts/emails), I am more than happy to discuss a deal that rewards your loyalty. For example, I have offered a “buy five, get 25% off the sixth” deal to a return client who employs me regularly to proofread her essays.