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Hi there, and thank you for visiting!

My name is Lorin, and I live in Australia. Don’t let the distance or dangerous animals deter you! To take advantage of my services, all you need is email. But first, I thought you might like to know a bit about me.

When I’m not editing, I work part-time as an office administrator, with some English tutoring and volunteer work on the side. I have many passions, and my goal is to indulge them all in one way or another. If you’d like to know why editing is one of those passions and what it means for you, please keep reading.

As a child, I thought authors and journalists were the coolest people in the world. I tried to write as often as I could: stories, poems, personal diaries, recounts of holidays, letters to pen pals, and so on. As a student, I got excited about writing essays even when I dreaded the assignment. I got involved with words however I could, initially by joining the debating team in school. Then I completed a Toastmasters course, and writing my speeches became the highlight of each week. Throughout all stages of my life, any opportunity to pull out a notebook and pen or bring up MS Word has always filled me with a spark of excitement. Writing is just an inherent passion that I cannot shake.

Later in life, I realised I had other inherent traits that could complement this interest. I have always had an eye for detail and a passion for improvement. I have a natural tendency to aim for the best possible outcome in all things, so I’d been mentally perfecting words for a long time before I started doing it professionally.

And so I discovered the world of editing and proofreading. This happened at a time when I had no idea what I wanted to do with myself. I had decided it didn’t matter what I did, so long as I was happy and contributing to the world somehow. I’ve always been eager to try things and see where they take me, and to find out what might work. And when I looked into editing, it felt like I’d hit the nail on the head. I’d discovered at least one of the things that would fit me in my life. I had the passion and the skill. All I needed was training.

I completed a Professional Editing and Proofreading course through the Australian College of Journalism. I enjoyed and excelled at the course, and went on to develop my skills and gain experience sub-contracting for an acclaimed editor in my area who kindly guided me. I helped with manuscripts from her American authors, which gave me valuable experience working with American English. From there, I gained traction by word of mouth, advertising, and doing jobs for family and friends. I also spent some time putting flyers up at local libraries and universities. As a result, I have tried my hand at a variety of editing jobs, allowing me to better understand my strengths and preferences in regards to what I edit.

During this time, I’ve also received several requests for writing jobs. Initially, it wasn’t my intention to offer writing as a service alongside my editing. However, after completing a few jobs and recalling my passion for writing, I included it as an extra. It is not my primary service, but since people had asked for it here and there, I decided to prepare for more.

Editing is rewarding, and I’m glad I ventured down this path. It’s a wonderful thing to learn from and contribute to someone else’s journey. That’s what I hope to achieve through editing.

What to expect from me

As your editor, I will read with an open mind and comment with a gentle touch. I understand we all have different ways of telling a story, and I know it can be hard to hear you’ve made a mistake in the process. I am naturally supportive, so your experience with me will be reassuring and worthwhile. But I will also provide a new perspective to reveal what we can correct and improve. I will speak up when something doesn’t sound right. Organisation and clarity are also strengths of mine, so you can expect neat and thorough explanations alongside helpful suggestions. I aim to provide you with a valuable, informative, and enlightening experience. In doing so, we can enable your words to further achieve what you intend them to.

As your writer, I will find the right words to bring your vision to life. I’ve been praised for the way I use my words, and the editor in me always ensures they sound as best as they can. I will be guided by your wishes, and strive to view the project through your eyes. I will always respect you and your work, providing genuine and personal thoughts along the way.

In general, I believe it is pivotal to be personal. I don’t often approach anything in a detached manner, because I prefer to be real, honest, and conversational. I believe once we break down the walls we make way for trust and a little bit of fun. But this doesn’t mean I have a style you must adapt to. It simply means you have the freedom to be completely informal with me. If you prefer to be formal, though, that’s great too. I will adjust. Relating to people is something I am good at, partially due to eight years of customer service experience alongside training in interpersonal communication and sociology. My goal is to make you feel comfortable and understood. If at any point that isn’t the case, please kindly let me know.